Artists Take Over the Atrium

For the past week, St. Brother Andre’s atrium has been surrounded by beautiful art work created by our art students in all grades. At the heart of our school, these beautiful magazine layouts, drawings and posters have created a great buzz and vibe. All art students have been working diligently throughout the semester, and have been creating projects continuously. True artistic talent and hard work have payed off, because the students of SBA have been happy to know that their peers have such flawless talent. Several assignments are out in the atrium, but upstairs above the atrium as well. Visual art is being displayed on the balcony, and these are paintings you are going to want to check out! Downstairs, there is a mix of arts, like visual, and even graphic design. Not only have these students displayed dedication and handwork to get the out come of their fabulous projects, but the teachers have been doing a great job as well. Guiding and assisting their students in every possible way, the art teachers are also who to thank for these great pieces of work. Ms. Giordano is the teacher of the grade 12 graphic design class, and had a chance to answer some questions about her classes and art work. “graphic design is my first passion, i studied it in university” she states, and she adds in that “i love teaching students about concepts, and this class truly feels like home.” She had nothing but good words to say about the magazine layouts that her class designed, and gladly commented that “i think this s a strong class, and willing to work with hard challenges… I believe that their magazine articles and layouts were strong, and i can definitely see them in a magazine.” Not only are the art teachers proud of their students, but the students are extremely lucky to have teachers as dedicated as these.

Be sure to expect more art work being released and showcased around the school, because our students have more talent then ever!.. and working harder than before. The art work downstairs and upstairs is definitely something to be proud about, and something everyone should check out!

We are excited to see more released! So artists, good job, and keep up the fantastic work!


Summer Candles Step Aside, It’s Time For Fall Scents

duo domination

Candles are decor essentials that stick around no matter what season it is. This fall season calls for the clearing out of summer scents, and bringing in the old and new fall candles. 

Last week, Melissa and I adventured out to the candle experts, Bath and Body Works, to get the latest scoop on the most popular fall candle this season, as well as picking out a few of our favourites to try and review. According to a Bath and Body Works employee, one of the most popular scents for fall is the “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” scent. “Actually, all year round the most popular candle scent has been Japanese Cherry Blossom”, and has been for 25 years” She added in after she told us falls scent. (So if you’re ever unsure of a smell to chose from, check out the Japanese Cherry Blossom- it will not disappoint!)

After checking out Sweet…

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